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What bike size and type of bike do I need?

This can be a confusing task when choosing a bike, and where many customers can make the wrong decision if they haven’t tried or physically seen the bike, especially purchasing online!

It’s no wonder with so many different types, brands and sizes of bicycle which vary with every cycle model available today.

Many customers select a bicycle on the look, colour or brand name rather than the actual purpose it is used for.

In order to get the right bike first time, you need to consider a few things when choosing a bicycle online from the product catalogues. or in-store.

1, If you are buying a bicycle for a child or yourself, do you know yours or the child’s correct height? *(If not stand against a wall, with no shoes on and measure yourself or child, make a mark and record the measurement)

2, What type of bike do you want to ride, hybrid, road, mountain? what is your riding position preference? what am I using the bicycle for work, leisure? you need to be comfortable, your bike will be more efficient for its purpose and even more fun to ride!

3, If you’re not sure give us a call on 02392 832066 or email us at [email protected] we are here to help ensure your confident with the frame size you have chosen as size really does matter!

4.The best advice we can give is to visit us in -store where you can SEE, TRY and then BUY, helping you in choosing the right bicycle for you first time.

5.It is so important to choose the right bicycle model for what you will be using the bicycle for, along with the correct size. Visiting us in store is the best value for your money where we can ensure you get what you really need at a great price.